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It’s often said that what makes a network marketing possibility great beyond having unique products

astonishing leadership a thriving community world-class assistance and top-level executive handling what divides the average from the remarkable is the number of fund affiliates have access to inside the comp plan according to the world federated direct sales Association 100 million direct sales marketers worldwide and sold practically two hundred million dollars worth of products and services in 2017 that translates into billions of dollars in committees given gues merely a sliver of that heading your direction day-in day-out month after month for years to come introducing finishing line networks earning Maximizer compensation plan.

One of the main impediments retaining so many people in system marketing from deserving consistent compensation annually is the absence of sustainable income after marketers have constructed a solid the enterprises and want to take time off to enjoy life think about it that actually wants to work non-stop what if all of a sudden you take a journey while you’re away and upon your return you’d want to know that your the enterprises and even more importantly your income is still moving in a positive guidance right that’s why we created the profit Maximizer comp plan I’ll give you a complete overview of how you’re offset from your personal team and corporation sales along with a roadmap in order to be allowed to immediately access our revolutionary new bonus pond for maximum compensation with profit Maximizer every time a sale is established two people get paid plus 20% of every committee runs immediately into the bonus pool FLN boards are broken out into two types the first kind of commission is direct Commission these Commission’s are paid weekly everyone starts out as a rising star a $20 monthly active affiliate.


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Who divides Commission’s 50/50 with their qualified upline affiliate before being promoted through our different star rankings to an 80/20 split you advance from rising star to one star when you sell six silver-tongued packs two sun when you sell six gold packages three star when you sell six digital products no matter the dimensions of the parcel and four superstar when you sell six occurrence tickets no matter what size star grade is achieved once six sales are made in each product line on your seventh sale and beyond your separate jumpings to an 80/20 divide in commissions in each product line you can advance in your star grading without earning each starring in order in other words you can’t be awarded to start before achieving one starring before earning three star you must have both one and two suns and so on second and perhaps the most exciting characteristic of earning maximizer being introduced of bonus pool.

commissions which are paid monthly here’s how the bonus pond tasks and how to participate in them for maximum benefit the bonus pond fills up in three routes through your personal marketings through your team marketings through everyone marketings at FLN including those members not on your crew while each of the different product lines have qualifications to deserve committees FL aims earning Maximizer bonus pool bestow shares to active affiliates who construct marketings in any of our product lines regardless of their qualification as described below one share is awarded to the guide patron for making a new silver and amber subscription sale a high-ticket digital product marketing such as email gains on require a brand-new amber 3 time subscription sale a sale to someone who upgrades from a resellers license simply or resellers license plus silver subscription to an all-in monthly subscription packet of reseller silver and amber 3 shares are awarded to the send sponsor for making a bundled marketing which contained a gold 3 year subscription parcel a digital dominance occurrence ticket.

And an email gains on-demand digital course and finally shares are awarded to active affiliates who have achieved rank advancement as follows one-star promotion equates one share two-star advertisement equals two shares three-star advertisement equates three shares four-star publicity equates four shares in the case of multiple promote in one calendar month the most significant advertisement is awarded here are three compelling reasons set out above we created profit Maximizer and what it means for you engagement excitement retention here’s what we just made by engagement it occurs when you completely grasp the opportunities offered by unlocking profit Maximizer for yourself and when your entire squad and everybody in FLN is actively logging into their system every day to watch the size of the profit Maximizer bonus pool as it continues to grow larger and larger.

 You better believe there’s going to be massive participation in the outcome

Specially when five six and potentially seven figures are inside the profit Maximizer bonus pool comes spillover de here’s what we intend by exhilaration you know that feeling deep down inside when you’re holding a lottery ticket that’s building into the hundreds of millions of dollars that delirium of elation you get from knowing what owning a piece of that pie would be like if you’re the win I signify a really big slice of tart like the one that will get people climbing the walls and so excited to compete for profit Maximizer shares this kind of excitement merely happens when engaged affiliates have access to big ponds of money they could immediately access here’s what we entail by retention the real sorcery in FLN is our four product lines when you mix high ticket commissions with substantial monthly residual committees you have something very special when you add in the bonus pool and the ability to earn completely separate streams of income through email roster construct and monetization you’ve literally generated a world-class organization the entire notion is very simple to provide big importance for every customer.

FLN isn’t about hype it’s about adding appreciate the real leverage that’s built into profit Maximizer happens the moment you reproduction your efforts with people who do what you’ll be doing taking massive act fee close attention as I determine the stage for how profit Maximizer works FL aims first product is silver it’s a fully loaded cause handling platform and sales conversion app that’ll allows you to run your entire business from your cell phone silver-tongued is priced at 47 dollars a few months and pays a total of 25 dollars in committees of which $20 is paid to the two active affiliates that get this code in either a 50/50 or 80/20 split 20% or$ 5 of the 25 runs directly into the bonus pool FLN second product is gold are available at either a monthly or three year subscription was contained in both gold subscriptions is an incredible monthly virtual live occurrence the VLE is hosted by top strategic loudspeakers and influencers in our space today we’ve also added the special bonus to your gold subscription a Content rich tomb full of the most recent digital marketing civilize modules on what’s happening now in the world of internet and affiliate marketing our monthly amber subscription is 130 dollars and pay $65 in Commission of which $52 goes to the two active affiliates that get this code in either a 50/50 for 80/20 divide 20% or $13 runs directly into the bonus pond our gold three-year subscription is only two thousand nine ninety seven that’s a significant savings of sixteen hundred and eighty five dollars off the monthly subscription rate it carries an impressive high-pitched ticket committee of $1,250 $ 1,000 of that is shared by the two active affiliates.

Who give the code in either a 50/50 or 80/20 divide and 20% or 250 dollars goes to the bonus pond here’s the best report to be eligible to receive your amber monthly or gold three time subscription code and commissions you simply have to be an active amber monthly subscriber or sell any combining of six amber monthly or three year subscriptions that’s it every business must have marketings and revenue to thrive that’s exactly why we created a suite of digital products that have been designed to turn you into a customer acquisition expert email gains on-demand or iPod for short is an interactive hands-on digital track that have had the opportunity to turn the average person with little no internet or affiliate marketing suffer into health professionals digital marketer you’ll quickly learn a term all digital marketers know well semm it stands for send emails make money and this is exactly what you’ll be doing formerly you exploit these simple-minded but extremely powerful ideas epod is priced at nineteen hundred ninety seven dollars and pays out one thousand dollars in total commission eight hundred dollars is paid to the to qualified affiliates that get this code in either a 50/50 or 80/20 split and two hundred dollars goes into the bonus pool.


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 Additionally FLN offers high ticket live occurrences

our first event is called digital domination it’s your opportunity to meet and watch successful digital marketers sharing exactly how they achieve their success in this industry digital domination is nine hundred and ninety seven dollars and salaries four hundred dollars in total committees three hundred and twenty dollars be applicable to two qualified affiliates in either a 50/50 or 80/20 divide and eighty dollars goes into the bonus pool rank has its privileges the higher you get promoted the more bonus pool Commission’s are available to you along with your superstar tier promotions in ranked FLN also increases your compensation in the bonus pool as follows as a rising star you’ll be deserving 60% of every share you earned in the bonus pool one stars earn seventy percentage of each share you give in the bonus pool two superstars earn eighty percentage of each share you give in the bonus pool three aces earn 90 percent of each share you give in the bonus pool when you reach FL ence highest rank of four-star you’re is eligible for 100 percent of each share you earn in the bonus pool there’s an incredible advantage to being a four-star FLN affiliate 50 percentage of unqualified bonus pond boards the difference between the 60 percent to 100 percent from each share of rising star 1 ace 2 starring and 3 stars are added to a special 4 superstar merely bonus pond and divided by the number of shares earned by active 4 sun affiliates in that month as long as you’re active someone is coded to you.

They’re coded to you for life there are no product acquisition requirements at FLN to earn Commission’s by purchasing your silver-tongued amber and digital product licenses, as well as occurrence tickets you’ll automatically be qualified the whole way up to that license grade each affiliate, has made a acquire at different levels to activate their position you’re thinking large-scale and enroll it’s silver-tongued and you decide to go all-in with FL points bundle which includes email earnings on-demand your live event ticket to digital dominance and your three-year amber subscription which guarantees you the best importance as well as full compensation in the profit Maximizer compensation plan in our illustration Ron is your sponsor a silver-tongued monthly subscriber level affiliate Rick is Ron’s upline and he is an all-in affiliate ron pays three shares in the bonus pond one for your silver and amber 3-year subscriptions one for epod and one share for your digital domination live event ticket ron also get your silver-tongued code and committee for this illustration Rick gets all three of your high ticket codes and committees from your gold three time subscription email profits on-demand and your event ticket to digital dominance when you established the decision to go all-in why because Ron is only qualified at silver-tongued you qualified at all levels and by procuring your f LM all-in bundle this is critically important because day one you attained.

The decision to go all-in positioning yourself for silver-tongued and gold 3-year subscriptions email earnings on-demand and your occurrence ticket to digital domination why because you took action securing the licenses in each of FL purposes product lines whether an affiliate is coded to you through pass UPS or from personal sales “theyre about” coded to you for life Sam is your first marketing Sam buys three of FL aims products Sam is now coded to you for silver-tongued email earnings on require and an occurrence ticket to digital domination which deserved you two shares in the bonus pond one share for EE pod and one share for his event ticket you likewise make a fifty percent board for every single month Sam silver subscription refreshes as long as you and Sam remain active you also split $800 for email profits on-demand with Rick who gets the other code and Commission since your occurrence ticket qualified you stir the $160 Commission for Sam’s digital domination buy our system automatically appears up pipeline to appreciate which affiliate above you is qualified to receive the other 160 dollar code and committee as it is about to change that’s Rick.

Who is also event ticket qualified as opposed to Ron who has yet to secure his event ticket qualification and Ron be an event ticket qualified he would have earned the commission we’re sure you’re starting to see exactly how the profit Maximizer comp plan have had the opportunity to produce actually massive income torrent for you fast back to our illustration Jen is your second marketing “whos got” coated to you for silver in this case the silver code flows up to you and Ron gem understands the importance of ensuring that her long term personal evolution and buys her amber three year subscription in such cases gems gold three time subscription code and board be applicable to you and Rick you also receive one share in the bonus pool for gem silver monthly and amber three time subscriptions why because Ron is not qualified at the gold tier our system seems up line and sees that Rick is fully qualified therefore you and Rick receive Jen’s gold three year code and committee are you starting to get the full picture here and how financially beneficial it could be for you to qualify at the highest level in the comp project from day one had Ron been qualified for email gains on necessitate Ron would have received the code and Commission for Jan’s epod acquire regrettably Ron passed up both gems code and Commission to Rick for epod it’s important for you to understand how the cash flows inside the comp plan and the importance of being qualified at the highest possible tier.


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When you allow the profit Maximizer comp plan to go to work for you that core illustration Sam just made his first marketing to Anne super excited and buys her all in bundle which includes silver gold three years subscription epod and an occurrence ticket to digital dominance Sam also earns three shares in the profit Maximizer bonus pool one four and silver and gold three year subscriptions one furans epod acquire and one for Anne’s digital domination occurrence ticket there were no qualifications needed in any specific product line in order to receive a bonus pool share for the sale of a product in that product line the only required to urge shares is this you must be an active reseller and be the one who built the sales Sam only passes up Anne’s gold three time subscription code and commission why the Kassam did not up to purchase his gold monthly for gold three year subscription Sam must personally shape six amber marketings and pass up the codes and boards on all six to the next qualified gold active affiliate who in this case is you on the seventh gold sale either monthly or three time subscription and beyond Sam would give those codes and commissions as long as he’s active of course Sam may upgrade at any time although the codes and committees “thats been” passed up.

Have been lost forever upon upgrading to gold Sam will be eligible to capture the very next amber code and commission that he’s qualified to receive Rick positioned himself at the top from the beginning that was a really smart decision by Rick who is capitalizing off Ron’s pass ups effortlessly Rick proceeded all-in day one and received Anne’s gold three time subscription code and committees for life in our illustration Sam makes his second sale to will who buys silver as well as amber three year subscriptions and secures email profits on demand once again Sam gets two shares one for stimulating both silver-tongued and gold subscription sales and one for establishing the epod sale even though Sam is not qualified to earn Commission’s on gold monthly runs gold three time subscriptions while Sam does receive the silver-tongued subscription and email gains on demand codes and boards he passes up wills gold three year subscription code and committee in this lesson you and Rick will get wills gold three time subscription code and committee here we go again Ron simply hand it over what would be his code and commission to Rick if merely Ron had discovered the big picture from day one and moved all in he would have deterred that code in board Rick considered the big picture and took advantage from day one.

and positioned himself for success in this lesson Rick earns the other half of wills gold three year subscription code and board and every amber subscription renewal is to be able to buys forever why because Sam’s only is eligible for silver subscriptions and email earnings on requirement while you and Rick are fully qualified on all licenses and product lines will decides several weeks later to acquire his event ticket to digital dominance because he reads the big picture and wants to have the importance of ensuring owning each of FL objective for product lines personally as well as been sufficiently commissioned qualified inside profit Maximizer as you rank up by making six product marketings in each product line going one sun 2 superstar 3 star and 4 starring your Commission’s increase by 60% from 50% to 80% that’s a huge increase in earnings this is just the start as the bonus pond shares payout based on your starring grading from 60% the whole way up to 100% try asking your boss for a 60 percent pay grow not likely “youre starting” constructing sixteen dollars on each silver sail up from $10 upon your promotion to one sun when you achieve 2 starring “youre starting” making forty-one dollars and 60 cents on each amber sail up from $26 and on each gold 3 time subscription sale you attain your Commission increases from $500 to $800 advanced to 3 superstar and start earning six hundred and forty dollars on each email earnings on-demand.

Track sail up from 400 when you’re fully qualified at 4 ace for each event ticket you sell you’ll get two hundred and fifty six dollars up from a hundred and sixty and on Allen’s all-in punto which includes amber three time subscription epod and digital domination you’ll get paid between $800 and $1,280 depending on your superstar qualification when you add these monthly residues overrides to the high-pitched ticket commissions as well as the bonus pool rewards you’re about to find out that earning Maximizer is the most advanced compensation project ever conceived you’ll finally be compensated the way you deserve with the possibility of establishing massive committees hold everything it’s about to get genuinely wild and financially rewarding for you in this illustration Jen attains her first sale to Joe who buys both silver and amber monthly subscriptions to get started four days into the business Joe figures out the big picture and decides to buy his event ticket and email gains on-demand permissions can you guess “whos got” Joe’s codes and boards although Jen is qualified at silver-tongued and amber three time subscription tiers Jan is not epod or event ticket qualified Jen receives three shares in the bonus pool one share for Joe’s initial silver-tongued and gold monthly subscription one for Joe svet ticket and one for Josie pod you are the first person above Jen.


Who is both occurrence ticket and epod qualified you receive both of Joe’s event ticket and iPod codes and board guess who else shares in Joe’s codes and boards Rick of course why because Ron never read the big picture and never outlook himself at the highest possible degree in the comp strategy from day one and Ron done that initially he would have attained over $5,000 if you understand how leveraging works to your advantage at FLN you’ve already be understood that rick has benefited greatly by being all-in and has received all of Ron’s pass up codes and committees Ron did not threw leverage to work for his benefit by being qualified at the higher product tiers you could say that Rick is one lucky and smart guy and you know what you could be just as luck and smart as Rick if you set the power of FL aims comp plan to work for you if someone 100 for 1000 grade below you buys their event ticket or email gains on-demand products and if no one is qualified at those levels between you and that person you and the next qualified active upline affiliate get the codes and commissions on that purchase forever now watch as the sales activity intensifies even faster more importantly how “theres going” from deserving 50 percent to 80 percent on all product tiers notice how every person on your pay line gives you 50 percentage or 20 percentage on each marketing to infinity one of the most compelling parts of the FLN earning Maximizer compensation plan is the creation of our brand-new bonus pool while we’ve briefly discussed the rules and qualifications and how you earn shares in the bonus pool right now we’re going to show you the money here’s the important thing to understand each time a sale is built or a monthly subscription rehabilitation passes 20% of each commission is transmitted to the bonus pool this means that every time a silver subscription is sold or revitalize monthly$ 5 is going into the bonus pool each time a gold monthly or 3 time subscription is sold or refreshes 13 dollars or $250 is sent to the bonus pool each time a sale of email profits on require happens $200 goes into the bonus pond and for every digital dominance event ticket sold $80 goes into the bonus pond.


Just as each time in FL and all in bundle is sold $400 is sent to the bonus pool no one can say with exact certainty what the bonus pond importance is likely to be or what each share will be worth nonetheless for purposes of this lesson let’s just say it’s 125 dollars that would entail each rising star share is worth $75 that’s 125 dollars times 60% and for a simple illustration here’s how the rest of the math works one ace eighty seven dollars and fifty cents a hundred and twenty-five dollars times 70% to star $100 that’s 125 dollars times 80% three sun 112 fifty that’s a hundred and twenty five dollars times 90% and at 4 starring you would be giving 100 percent or 125 dollars plus for those who achieve 4 star those affiliates who discovered the real value of going all-in and acquired 6 clients in each of FL culminates for product lines would be eligible to receive a 4 sun only bonus pool Commission that’s right only 4 ace affiliates will have access to their own exclusive bonus where they get paid on all those unearned commissions from rising star through three ace there will be affiliates receiving anywhere from one share all the path up to hundreds of shares in every made month even merely five shares earned by a two-star affiliate would be an additional $500 bonus in our lesson or what about 50 shares earned by an up-and-coming three-star affiliate that would be worth five thousand six hundred.


And twenty-five dollars not a bad bonus for get your digital marketing business rolling or for you large-scale intellectuals you know you’re shooting for four star in your very first month you take massive action and pay three hundred and twenty five shares your bonus pool board alone would be forty thousand six hundred and twenty-five dollars and in your exclusive four ace simply bonus pool shares which for this simulation would be fifty dollars each and that would increase your bonus pool Commission’s by an additional sixteen thousand two hundred and fifty dollars do you visualize the ability of the profit Maximizer comp plan your bonus pool Commission’s could be well over fifty thousand dollars in any dedicated month and that doesn’t even involving the direct committees available to you inside this comp program again this is for illustration purposes only for the persons who read the real value of FLN is unbelievable for product lines and for the persons who commit to going all-in from day one this example shows you how massive the bonus pool could be spilling over for you we call it leverage you are able to now entirely comprehend how the profit Maximizer compensation plan jobs and how much money you could potentially built by positioning yourself at the highest possible level with finishing line network as you’re making your product parcel selections it’s important to understand a few things first FLN has four different product lines that work with every budget second we realise members must choose the level that’s right for them in our instance you did the exact same study and develop the exact same crew lies in the fact that you are all in and fully qualified in all four of FLN s– product lines you deserved the maximum compensation and you’ve been only silver qualified like Ron you would have only gave a fraction of the compensation and extended the remaining commissions upline same job different outcome your selection FL n is a unique business when you consider the multiple behaviors commissions are paid you begin to understand why this should work so well for you and tens of thousands of other entrepreneurs simply a few final believes to consider firstly.


We have products which are set forth in high demand an incredible 50% of our product lines are residual in nature which means they will be bought month after month year after year our digital products pay a high ticket commission while also supplying a done-for-you answer in the digital marketing room with standalone completely distinct flows of revenue in today’s economy this is critically important lastly FL ends bonus pool rewards active members for introducing new members to the business on an ongoing basis as well as selling our high-pitched ticket products FL n recognise people who own each of the differences among product lines and who have achieved grades from rising star to one sun on up to four ace everyone knows that recognition of achievement is key when it is necessary to compensation that’s why finishing line system puts our members at the finishing line starting day one never again will you be to begin in behind the starting line with little to no the expectations of bridging the finish line your next stair is to carefully review each of FL objective for product lines had procured the licenses where you determined the most value for both today and into your brand-new future stimulate your selections very carefully and stance yourself in the best possible post from day one how you choose to get started does make a difference in this business you deserve maximum compensation as I stated in my business success formula you must have an entrepreneurial mindset now is the time to think like a business owned threw leverage and the ability of the profits Maximizer compensation plan to work for you from day one welcome to finish line network we look forward to working closely with you and your crew you.


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