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Fast home biz system review compensation plan

Fast home biz system review compensation plan

Fast home biz system review compensation plan. lets get into to nitty gritty,
What is it? : A Clone version of Natinal wealth center (New mask)
Who behind it? (Mastermind):Marcus Taylor (Founder of FHB system)

About the video below,Video start from same hype, you can fast fawared to see how complan works she explain how pass ups work
Or check this transcript, here…

compensation plan the power of four (like matrix ponzi- Quick FYI proven to be fail) whether you share this with four people or you use our marketing tools and resources to find four people for you with just four people you’ll be on your way to your first twenty five to one thousand dollars or more this week our compensation plan comes loaded with leverage we call it our vertical acceleration bonus everyone is required to pass up their second and for sale to their inviting partner now this is the leverage element of our comp plan because your income potential is not solely dependent on your own efforts but we all work synergistically to create the lifestyle we all so passionately desire are you ready let’s use our $250 education package for example broken down over the course of three weeks after you share this with just four people week one we close your first four sales for a total of $1000 you keep your first and third sale you pass up your second and fourth sales

What’s Working …?

Fast home biz system review compensation plan


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