Do facebook live on desktop

Facebook live desktop

How to make Facebook live desktop ?

Facebook live desktop

Facebook live desktop, If you already know Facebook introducing desktop live streaming too. They talk about this 2016. now you can go just easy live from your laptop or desk top.

Software you can use.

To create Facebook live desktop stream you need one of these software. That Facebook recommended

For free Facebook live desktop streaming  OBS is great  open source software with basic features.  Wirecast also known as Telestream could give you great extra features. With advance high quality stream facilities. so we recommend Telestream if you want make super quality video streaming from your laptop or desk top.

Facebook live laptop or desktop steps.

Step 1: Set Up to go live on facebook from computer

Go with live stream software and download it to your computer and install it. you use this to go facebook live on mac. As well as windows.

Step 2:Connect (facebook live from desktop)

facebook live desktop

you can connect from your own Facebook profile or fan page( AKA business page) ,group or event. once you installed and ready software click create live stream to begin in this page. Make sure you login and ready with your Facebook.

Step 3: Broad cast
Just Copy and paste the stream key to your software’s settings. when you create a live stream.

so once you have software install follow above steps until you get this point and use that key as your lice stream key in your software.

Facebook live lats steps

once that ready make sure you choose it as public friends only mode when you want to go live and ready. But if you want to test you can select only me and hit go live then you can test if it work or not in your desk top. use all the features that software give you to take most out of your live stream.

Facebook live desktop streaming is 123 that’s simple.if you have above live broadcasting software. now you do not need mobile phone if you uncomfortable with streaming with small screen, now you can connect your web cam and go fb live right there.

Facebook live desktop visit this link to get started with step by step:



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