Email 2 Profits demo review – Spam email scraps by Brendan mace

email 2 profits

Email 2 Profits demo review Brendan Mace’s newbie killing spam emails scrap method

Email 2 Profits demo review - Spam email scraps by Brendan mace
Email 2 Profits demo review

Why Brendan Mace keep doing this? That’s the million-dollar question, he should pay back all this money he earned selling these newbies’ desires dreams pulling, Money pulling shady methods. This time he came up with an even more worse non – legitimate method that scraps emails using Google api and sends emails to those who not even opt-in or gave permission to do so..

Other guy who do the same thing are called Juno Amstrong – two newbie money – hungry guys never recommend buy anything from them.

But they do not do that to their own emails sent at the backend. They follow legal and safe methods, using proper email marketing tools like Aweber, getresponse and sending emails to those who bought before from them beforehand and got permission to send emails according to their privacy policies set up on their sales pages.

But why did he teach this shady method to NEWBIES?? So sad to see this keep happening in a reputed, offer marketplace like warrior plus.

Brandan Mace selling Big Guru faces

 Brandan Mace selling Big Guru faces
Brandan Mace selling Big Guru faces

email 2 Profits demo review, To gain attention from the marketplace who see these BS product offers, Brandan Mace selling Big Guru faces say what!

Email 2 Profits demo

Lets see how the dashboard and Email 2 Profits demo look like, As sson as you login it may say,welcome to email profits you can start building your email marketing list by clicking the button below…

Email 2 Profits demo google api
Email 2 Profits demo google api

What happen right there tech stuff and he claim no technie at all…😂

You have to hook up your own Google api key and that is dangerous. If Google found out you use Google API to scrap emails, then you might get banned from Google tools too.

They mention no need to worry about traffic because they show a not ethical method to get people’s email addresses by scraping from the web using google API.

Email 2 Profits demo review - Spam email scraps by Brendan mace

Email 2 Profits demo review Not only they try to sell this crap they use a traning video from another Brandn/s product call profit mate… not goood….

Once you set up Google api,, now you are able to search for emails that mean scrapping purpose…it automatically goes to their inbuilt list manager area.

Learn more: What is email scrapping and why should you think about it before you get into trouble! Is-email-scraping-legal

Email 2 Profits demo review further

So now you are to Broadcast….but hold on.. no technology stuff.. Now they are asking you to set up something call SMTP… that’s huge struggle to set up SMTP for a newbie non-techie person. That tells it all.They just need your money…they don’t love you care about your success..

what is email scraping also call e-mail scratching, email 2 Profits demo review

what is actually e-mail scratching?

To recognize e-mail scratching, you require to possess some understanding of SMTP.

There are actually various information:

A: an information to the recipient. An information to a private customer. An information to a team of customers.

B: the header segment of the information that the recipient( s) do not view, commonly the To:, CC:, and also BCC:’s areas. These parts have actually been actually knowned as the pouch over the last. They provide the email sender a means to express the information just how to take care of the notification to the recipient( s). api

Among one of the most complicated aspects of Net Relay Conversation is actually the reality that its own major system, the Net Relay Authorities, possesses no certain requirement.’s SMTP procedure made use of to apply it as aspect of Gmail, yet later on chose to change it along with a brand-new method, and also the relay hosting servers have actually ceased this.

email 2 Profits demo review,To send out e-mail you have to: Possess a domain-level e-mail deal with.

Possess an email deal with, which may possess lots of labels, e.g. [email protected], jea[email protected] – each along with its very own MX records.

can junking mail through a mailer source troubles for your ISP?

There is actually a prominent net idea that it is actually feasible to create a harmful mailer that will create issues for an open-source e-mail supplier like gmail, yet will it?

Allow’s face it, mailers like spam as well as infections compose a huge component of the e-mail visitor traffic online. And also over the last, e-mail suppliers often tended to stop a sizable portion of spam due to the prospective concern it might lead to.

A: a notification to the recipient. Information to a specific consumer. B: the header part of the information that the recipient(s) do not view, commonly the To: CC: as well as BCC:’s areas. They provide the email sender a method to express the information just how to deal with the information to the recipient(s).

Email 2 Profits demo review acutualy do yiou get autoresponder?

Yes with your SMTP set up, but they do not provide, it. They mean by done for you they have copied and pasted email templates added to the dashboard.

 Email 2 Profits system dashboard
Email 2 Profits system dashboard

Whats else they have inside Email 2 Profits system?

There you can set up funnels, opt-in pages or membership page, my point of view USELESS

true review

Why do I say that you can not build proper working funnels inside these cheap w+ system that Brendan Mace offers for 11 bucks.. Proper funnel builders come with better converting systems. And all, this comes with a hefty upsell. They don’t give you resources at ll at front end, promise you have to buy upsells to make it properly work but still not ethical way to build or send emails.


Not ethical product – They just want your money – Don’t buy- Brendan Mace not get affect at all from this review – but oneday he will pay.

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