Elite Affiliate Pro Review

What Is Elite Affiliate Pro by Igor Kheifets

Elite Affiliate Pro is done for you system. According to Igor Kheifets, he builds a program or course that just take only 2 steps to make big income as affiliate With targeted bit amount of web traffic. and all done for you including no selling webinar selling style program.

Who Is Igor Kheifets

He got more than a decade of online marketing internet business experience and his passion he helping people getting targeted solo ads. he is a solo ad expert and he also hosts list building lifestyle show a podcast about sharing tips and tricks to build an email list and audience who wants to buy from you.

Elite Affiliate Pro in detail

Its all about affiliate marketing new way, o why affiliate marketing? 2018 along affiliate marketing world review went over 1200 million dallars in sales. also last few years affiliate marketing related spends grown in 10 every year last decade. That a good sign and plus 15% indearse in digital revenue according to business insdier.

How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is a perfect strategy for people who want to make money online since they do

But what are the cons in affiliate marketing

It not as as most hype out there not get rich quick over when talking about getting people if you get 200 super targted people you may get only 1 it on offer and more other reason to get more.

and sometime as you selling other peoples product owners may keep most out of sales profits so you may get small amount of commission so it not enough to cover your marketing costs

it takes time and money to find a best high converting profitable product so lost of trial and error to find your that mean if you spend every $1 you can get out of $2 so how much will spend?

Introducing Elite Marketing pro

Igor Started from Zero and did all the above cons when it comes to affiliate marketing. So he sharing his story how much he earns promoting well know offer site Clickbank. he struggled about 3 to 5 years to make just over a hundred bucks with click bank. Then he walked away and started leaning driving traffic ( because that is the key to success in affiliate marketing after that he started his own solo ad agency Then he stopped promoting click bank offers and did thing differently. here the strategy chart

This includes if you can get a hand on private invitation only partnerships that sell products or services using webinar strategy. Why promote . You can get people who passionate niche. Typically owners offer high ticket or more % of commission other than regular affiliate products and you may get more sales with small about of traffic than the average offer. Because they invite owner can offer more because it not in public like Clickbank so not much competition with top Clickbank affiliates

Difference between Click bank and Invite only offer

Elite affiliate pro 2 steps

With Elite affiliate pro you will get those missing pieces, Like able to promote offer that bring your more than 500 per sale. Dirt cheap traffic and make most out of it. get one page high converting page templates that converts well.

Elite marketing pro includes

How to choose high converting product inside make money online niche.

The secret formula to finding out if you going to make money or not promoting that offer most affiliate marketers 95% do not know it. Secrets method to find how to get guaranteed approval on high and mid-ticket offers from owner market place. Most newbies do not have the Authority to promote some product but Igor will reveal the advanced secret to find products and services that do not require the Authority to make money online. Advance strategies to increase affiliate commissions about 50-500% also learn methods like creating true urgency, prospects desires, and exclusively without out making claims while overcoming objections like I don’t have money, time or not sure if they need it or not.

Also, an trick to create instant authority for newbies. Exclusive method for only elite affiliate pro members will get people in a seamless way to buy from you regards of your status.

Bonues you get

100 Email swpas that bring most sales.

Instant Traffic Shortcut

Rolodex of cpa net works with guaranteed approval

Special affiliate promo in a box out source method to give you more time freedom

Done for you 1000 opt in leads very limited bonus probably may be gone by the time you join, but it still worth the all other bonuses plus main offer with 90% commision partnership wth Igor. More than that he also give 101 one mentoring his exclusive group access

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