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Easy residual system review and comp plan

Easy residual system review,

Main Thing about it : Programs set up to sell money gifting programs like, Leasead space, easy 1up and many other tools that you have to buy to make money. They all make money programs that have low quality,,so  we do not recommend this system.

Created by:Keith Stephens

The main program he tries to promote is Conversion pros  very expensive confusing tools  that business ina box,,yes they got so many tools and it makes customers so confuse and not going to use any of them ( all tools they got) at the end they spend hard earn money every sisngle month to bunch of tools you do not want that much to run a profitable online business.

The ERS system and its funnel overview: look from real life eye.

Landing Page: the page you see 1st
Welcome video: its talk about the promise
How ERS Works: it not gonna work it build around 2017 still there comingsoon videos.
Activate Your Mechanism: pay so much monthly haha
Leverage More With ERS: pay more for cash gifting scams
Your Opportunity: give you chance to spend your hard earn money lol
Creating Your Money Making System: no money made to you but they will
Authority Positioning: B.S
Your Follow Up Machine: that’s a good idea but they is a better way.
Turning On The Engine. that’s right!


Conclusion: its waste of time to even write about it so it’s not recommended.

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