Dairy book replace facebook?

Dairy book replace facebook?

Did dairy book replace by facebook?

Dairy book replace facebook ? I recently found, people do not use daily dairy. Instead thy write their status on facebook. My self as a millennial i remember i used to write dairy every day before go to bed. i wrote how my day was gone,special occasion reminders,my day status. i did that when i m a teenager in 90s.

Modern social media acquires daily dairy writing and people use to share their daily activities events through facebook and other relevant social media.

Why my dairy story so memorable?

As a teenager i got it from my dad. and i use to write my daily activities on that book. my dad used to give me a new dairy every new year,my dad was born January 1st..and he is a businessman..he usually get different type dairies,

here i show you different type and sized of dairies.

Dairy book replace facebook

So my dad always give me management dairy and regular daily for share day to day life status.

my old dairy was just like this,

i was thrilled to write what happen on daily.some people write their secret incidents as memories on their dairy and keep it as reminder log.

How long people write dairies those days?dairy book replace facebook

not just like these days ,,people juts login online facebook and write their status or message each other,communication is so easy.but those days people write dairies for years,once i read a article someone wrote continuously dairies for 40 years with out skipping even a much big story he can made through years of his experience which he write on dairies. you always can start new year with a new dairy. because dairy print per year for daily use 365 days and 12 months included.dairy book replace facebook.


My story with dairy book writing

i start writing dairy around 1998 to 2008 almost 10 years i wrote but once i found facebook easy and could be use everyday just like dairy. but i still want to write dairy on 2008 but never had chance to find one. at that time i lived in  Canada.and i try to find a dairy 2008 to 2014  i never found one people do not print dairy i thought. so i give up my 10 year hobby or habit writing dairies.

i found the dairy below on 2015 from my dad, he lives in Sri lanka and once i visited him he show me and remind my habit and gave me this 2015 new dairy. I took it and kissed, i smelled it,,i still remember the print paper smell. I get every now and then those days. I love writing dairies those days. It was fun.

dairy book replace facebook

facebook acquires dairy


Its like facebook acquires dairy?

Yes as my view of point,,why people now on their busy life,with smart phones in hand. those smart phones got reminders,calendar,event logs,and social media apps,,so they including m easily login to facebook and share my daily activities,i can set up my privacy setting  to see only by me,,or my relations friends,,or with whole world you can now share your daily routine,  Facebook really acquires dairy and replace it by digital technology, so as i see that’s it for Dairy book, even Facebook will gone some day dairy book will not come back,,its gone too,,people always find something new. Facebook not only allow you write you daily events it allows you to show your real feelings  you have emotionally.  dairy book replace facebook.

My lovely dairy good bye.dairy book replace facebook…..


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  1. Wow i still use a daily journal but there so many phone apps and yes social media is modern dairy for us..thanks coming up with this blog i love seen these remind my past too.

    • yes Polina,
      Thank you sharing your comments with us.. we looking fwd to provide more posts like these please help us sharing it.

  2. Hi Counzila
    thanks for writing that post i was thinking what happened too Dairy book we all use to everything digital so its true it go that way thanks 🙂

  3. Hey Counzila team Thank you for writing this historical article, i mean so many young people who born after 2010 does not even know what is Dairy mean so i will share this with my grandkids 🙂

    • Hi Charleston
      lol and wow thanks for bringing that up. we did not even think. mean facebook being there now for over a decade so just after Facebook boom all dairy went for museums lol. yes pass these to kids thanks.

  4. I missed my Dairy writing because of these digital formats including social media..but I think its better. Thanks for writing this so I bookmark it

  5. hi counzila
    Thanks for sharing this post with the world.yes it’s a time that old traditional books and note going away..and this is what gonna happen in future right…

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