Create your own economy

how to Create your own economy
how to Create your own economy

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Create your own economy?This is where most people take it as challenge. As a child you grow up and go to school and get a degree find a good job. That’s what going on decades But how about if you can create your own economy.

That’s also we call Entrepreneurship, with out working to someone build their eco system you build your own. this does not mean you create a economy for the country. This mean you create a way to create income for your family. And yes that will benefit your country economic growth.

Once you start a own business. and it will grow if you work hard and put work in to it. and also you can hire people who climbing the ladder the traditional way. because Entrepreneurship is not for all people who can get challenges and have a passion to serve other only can be Entrepreneurs and cause to build their own eco system.

Create your own economy step by step.

To build your own economy or eco system, You need a strong plan. if you go out there to face the competition with a plan then it will destroy your dreams,What ever product or service you going to serve with as rule of thumb there already exist. so that mean in the market there is already people serving products related to your product or service so you need to be stand out with a different and strong plan.

How online business Plan starts?

Easiest and economical way to start your own eco system is building a online business,building your online presence with your own brand. So for do that you need a system in place.

What is a Small business online system?

A system online can be a funnel. its all start with a landing page that can content a whole set of funnel system inside it so when you go out there with your marketing message that show what is you offer. So when people see your offer ,you can set up your online system to grab their initial info like name and email if they show interest to get more info,,and then you can set up your funnel. once they enter their info show a thank page and also you can show them onetime offer that they can only see once that’s basically funnel will do people take a journey too  buy your product on the spot or after.

also you can get help with this 100 day bootcamp,

Thats why those kind of funnel system most profitable. if you use paid advetising to show your products and servcies then you need to find good ROI with front end sales. You can get a idea what i mean here visiting this video here.



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