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Aweber Zero cost Plan, Does Aweber giveaway Free plan 2021?

Aweber New Free Plan?

Aweber zero cost plan? Does Aweber’s new Plan go to change the email marketing world’s free to enter the Barrier? It was 2020 Aweber’s the hottest Update… now available this year.

A few years back when someone asked Does AWeber have a free plan? Our answer was Big No, Last 10 plus years Aweber only ever Had this 30-day Free trial. Now exclusively going here you can try FREE Aweber plan…

Ok lets get in to some information 1st…about Aweber zero cost plan

How much does AWeber cost?

2020 July Aweber starts to offer a complete FREE plan. and they stopped their 30-day free trial so at the moment it cot you zero bucks to try Aweber.

Aweber zero cost plan or Aweber pro plan cost $19 monthly and they also offer big discounts when you go annual billing When you start with the FREE plan you get limited resources and some of their features like Behavioral automation, Email split testing, branded click-tracking links, Remove AWeber branding, Sign up form split testing, Save and send to custom segments, reporting Advanced message analytics, Advanced audience/account analytics, and Webpage tracking. Those above-mentioned features have not come with a FREE plan. Free Plan also has limits like add up to 500 subscribers/contacts. But the good news is with that 500 contacts you can easily make some email marketing income and then next upgrade you get everything unlimited…

With Aweber Pro Plan you can add unlimited subscribers, send as much as an email to them unlimited, create unlimited individual list profiles. and much more for Aweber zero cost plan.

Basic features Aweber New Free Plan / Pro offers.

Create and send newsletters
Email automation
RSS to email
Drag-and-drop email builder
100s of email templates
HTML emails
AMP emails
Hosted broadcast archive
Thousands of professional images

Landing page creator

Unlimited landing pages
Beautiful landing page templates for a variety of goals
Thousands of professional images
Video landing pages
Google Analytics and Facebook pixel tracking
Custom URLs
List Building

Sign up forms Segmentation
WordPress plugin
Send to basic segments

And great customer support is always a key thing that Aweber popular for. Also, help with FREE migration. If you already have a big list or email marketing set up they will help you bring them over Aweber. Account management and integration also available with both plans to create a free account to see what they offer.

But keep in mind Awebre very strict on spam email so you can not use it for sending an unsolicited email they will nan you for life… just quick heads up… As long as you follow their email sending guidelines and do best practices and sending value to your subscribers you can build a great relationship with your subscribers with awesome features inbuilt in Aweber New Free plan.

Total newie Asked What Aweber used for?

So Aweber is a total solution for email communication for business online. send marketing emails, newsletters, transactional emails, etc. Also if you have email list data you can import those mail addresses too Aweber and host them over Aweber to send emails to those real people.

Also, Aweber can be used to collect email and other data using sign forms you can ask all the details like prospects Name, email, country, address, etc so that use for data collection.

Once you have data you have to use them to monetize or communicate with those lists subscribers. so you can send email newsletters using Aweber. They also call HTML text or plain text once you have an account with Aweber under the newsletter section you can choose the template.

A good email marketing system has something call automation AKA Autoresponder. That makes your life so much easy when it comes to email marketing.

Once you have data email list subscribers or as soon as you collect email data using email subscribe forms you can set up a series of emails that send automatically with time gaps of your choice.

It can be immediately or one day after or daily after subscribing till the unlimited amount of automation follows up series can be done as you wish as you are capable of.

How Awber automation area look like

Not only that something call email broadcasts you can send emails manually where ever you want other than those automated follow-ups.

like, let say you have a special limited-time promotion you just come across and you want to share it with your subscribers so you can send onetime one to send an email broadcast to them and share that promotion with them.

So one great thing when you use email marketing service you can find ou how your subscribers behave.does they open your emails, do they read them,.,do they click those links you added, you can find all the statistics and reports and make decisions over them.

if someone does not open your emails you can simply send them a reminder asking to whether they want to stay or not,, also you can manually unsubscribe them from your database.. doing so makes you email deliverability great. keeping dead subscribers make your emails sending capability low.

so now you have the whole idea, what Aweber email marketing service used for.

Which is Better Aweber New Fee Plan or Mailchimp Free Plan?

Lets start with pricing…

Aweber free with Limited resources until you get 500 contacts. then

501 to 2,500 contacts it cost $29 month to month pricing

2,501 to 5,000 contacts it cost $49 monthly

5,001 to 10,000 contacts it cost $69 monthly

10,001 to 25,000 contacts it cost $149 monthly

Now we going to take a good look on Mailchimp plans

Mailchimp is also available with a Free plan up to 2000 subscribers. They have other 4 plans including enterprise-level offers. Plans also come up with features that may not include in Free Plan so compare to Aweber Its a big disadvantage for newbies who going to go with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Got very light 2 plans call Essential and Standard its cost around 15 dollars monthly. Not many features that even Awebre FREE plan offers.

They suddenly their full feature plan jumps to whopping about $300 per month. That’s not acceptable unless its huge cooperation.

Its look like Mailchimp targeting big cooperation who sending millions of emails other than that mid-level and small business can use MailChimp with very limited scalability feature-wise.

So if you are small to mid-level enterprise we highly recommend go with Aweber. since it has so much advanced automation and feature-rich systems in place.

Mailchimp’s support is terrible when it comes to other plans. As far as we heard they only offer phone sup[pprt to those who pay them $299.99 MONTHLY…

Mailchimps new Audience dashboard

Aweber has a really fair scalable pricing plan that has advanced segmentation but Mailchimp only offers that to their ‘Premium’ customers.

Mailchimp’s advanced reporting features also only available on the premium big plan. Split testing available on paid plans only but Aweber offers it FREE too.

So does it really worth it 1st Go with Mailchimp FREE plan?

In our Opinion the only pro is they give you 2000 subscribers but No enough feature to scale up and then the price goes unbelievably high to get all the features.

So in that case for starters newbies and midsize businesses should always go with Aweber. Since now Aweber offers zero cost plan now any newbies can experience top-level email marketing using Aweber.

If you compare Mailchimp charging to Aweber pricing then as your list grows Aweber is cheaper than Mailchimp.

Send limits in Mailchimp

Even though Mailchimp offer unlimited email sending with restricts contacts it does not make any sense. which also limits how many newsletters you can send. But if you want to send unlimited email to the same amount if subscribers without scaling up MailChimp ok but it’s like shooting in dark with less reporting and automation features

Con on basic Paid plans on Mailchimp is even though you pay they place sending limit son paid plans too Unless you use Premium plan we all can see it’s not scalable compare to What Aweber ready to offer to up and running for small businesses.

And Aweber doing that over 10 years helping over million small levels mid-level business to grow fast and some of them are now big cooperations. So it’s a good sign for small and mid-level businesses they have a great company by side to help them grow.

Autoresponder and split testing is not available for Free users in Mailchimp No custom coding for templates either.

Aweber free plan we call it Aweber Zero cost plan. 100% Ready to compete with good old Mailchimp free plan including some generous feature we shared on this article when starting. Please scroll up and see. so it not distract you anymore and take a quick decision to go with Aweber Free plan which is a great choice.

Here other people has to say about Aweber

“AWeber has been with me from day one as an integral part of my businesses.”

here are few screenshots we found from thousands of recommendations.


Since Aweber has full scalability potential for small mid-level businesses try Aweber from day 1…

Frequently asked questions and answers

( people also asked – FAQ)

How much does Aweber cost

Aweber costs now $0 (zero dollars to get the start) With 2020 July Update, Aweber used to have a 30-day free trial. But not anymore now you can try Aweber zero cost plan. mean Aweber is now totally free to start and build a list up to 500 contacts including most of the amazing pro features

Which is better Mailchimp or Aweber?

The answer is Aweber. Both offer different features but at the moment Awebre free plan offers many pro features compare to Mailchimp so for a newbie with budget but want all the pro features then Aweber better than Mailchimp. We answer in detail above Mailchimp Vs Aweber Comparison article.

Which is better Aweber or Getresponse?

The short answer is again Aweber. 1st thing Aweber’s 2020 going FREE update made a big change in all email marketing industry. since Aweber providing better deliverability and now free option Getresponse had a big decision to make either offer FREE plan too or come with a better pricing model to compete with Aweber long run.

What Aweber Used For?

Aweber primarily uses for email marketing, also call email communication for businesses. send newsletter broadcasts, automation, and many advanced features with statistics. Please scroll up and read the above article.

What payment methods are Aweber accepting?

Credit cards and paypal

Does Aweber have Landing pages?

Yes, Aweber provides build landing page features but with minimal use and scalability. Aweber only popular for one of the best email marketing but they also offer minimal landing page features but not much use of it when it comes to funnels and providing real web experience.

How do I use Aweber Autoresponder?

Simply create your free account, log in, and follow the automation instruction. they also have inbuilt help and training and tutorials with the latest update to their autoresponder so it’s better to use them than we mention steps here as its always evolving.

What is a Aweber

if you ask the meaning Of Aweber. there no meaning but it sounds like A web communication. it’s used for email marketing. simply it’s their Brand name.
(read full post scroll up : Aweber zero cost plan)

Is Aweber a CRM?

No, it is not. Awber is simply an Email marketing platform but over time they add many advanced features that CRM does. learn more scroll up and read the article and create ac from the link provided above to get exclusive insights.
(read full post scroll up : Aweber zero cost plan)

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