Aweber vs Kalatu Cloud Review

2016 Kalatu Cloud for home business CRM Review

2016 kalatu cloud home business crm review

2016 kalatu cloud home business crm review, CRM is a tool every home business owner should looking to its one of my dream product as a affiliate and home business owner that a tool to connect with my prospects and members.Kalatu cloud had being developing testing and tweaking last two-year and now we have opportunity to use it 2016 and beyond

as saying kalatu Cloud is a platform that could use by every marketer and average almost offer everything you need to impressed or get connect with your customers as you wish.

You will see next coming months it will releases to mass public and who ever going to use it will get their business simply bring it to next level.

Our Number #1 recommended tool here

When it comes to even small business,business owners want to connect with prospects,send payments to customers,send memos,video presentations.also they love to automate the process and simplify their work load.also they can add email capture forms,send audio emails.they can manage their audience,social media  integration,set up email campaigns,(almost do extra marketing stuff that can not get done by regular email marketing system) plus handle webinar,get statistics and analytics.But the problem with Kalatu Clude it still on Kind of Beta testing mode,wehn we write this post..2016.

2016 kalatu cloud home business crm review

As you know kalatu cloud use emails to connect with people  as we all know email never going away it is part of internet and web communication.As long as we use email marketing ethical way people going to open and read what they want to know from their own inbox.If you think about fortune 500 company what they also ask when you filling forms  email and telephone number  for them sending an email is more effective and less cost rather sending by traditional direct post mails?

There is a problem for average Joe type small business owner they might don’t have capital to invest on programmers or web developers to write a code for their business to connect with people and send their message to them .also they don’t have time and money put into those stuff.Until now they have used different tools for communicate with their clients and prospects.Some time their new technology need something call API to connect all those tools  that is a another headache if they don’t know how,,so 2016 Kalatu Cloud for home business CRM show up with all solution in this one platform.

2016 kalatu cloud home business crm review

You will see traditional email marketing system like Mail chimp,Can not help send mass emails from lists and you even can not send one email to selected client and  no webinar features on them. Kalatu cloud come Handy with webinar platforms autoresponder and ingrates calls that could every possible ways to connect and engage with your fans,customers etc.

Fun part is this tool get a retail value to ever person who own it and have opportunity to introduce this amazing tool to other people and even earn commission.

2016 kalatu cloud home business crm review

2016 kalatu cloud home business crm review

this below page load with Kalatu cloud order form it build into affiliate fee which is 19.95  but if some one just want to use it as a stand alone tool they can cancel anytime affiliate subscription a  just only send support ticket to the company asking cancel affiliate subscriptions  but we all like to help others and earn compensation for doing so  anyone can sell this tool stand along for as many people or companies they like even thousands software packages can be sold within next few months .

But why we still use Aweber while review kalatu clude watch below video  that’s why Aweber consider as good Old email Marketing system.. watch video below

Why we recommend  Aweber

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  1. Alex Bender

    Great Article,
    I agree that if all you are going to be doing is emailing your list there is little need to swap over to Kalatu Cloud, unless you want your delivery rates to be a bit better.
    However if you actually fully utilize all the tools inside the Kalatu Cloud tools suite eg webinars & use it as a proper CRM.

    • Thanks Alex for your thoughts about Kalatu cloud,,But Want to be real Even Empower use Aweber and Get response,to send email but i say if you realy want to build your own list 1st swap to aweber or get response andn then if you have money just try is only a option

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